Course curriculum

    1. How to access your resources

    1. How to use your Home Goals Planner

    2. Download your Home Goals Planner here

    1. Why Do You Need to "Audit" Your Space

    2. Download your Room Audit Worksheet here

    1. What this guide is all about

    2. Download your room-measuring guide here

    1. What is an interior design mood board?

    2. Examples of interior design mood boards

    3. Where to get images for your mood board

    4. What elements to include in your mood board

    5. What it means to “drop out” images for the mood board

    6. How to drop out images WITHOUT Photoshop

    7. Putting all your images together

    8. Share you mood boards!

    1. How to use your "Shop Your Home" Checklist

    2. Download your "Shop Your Home" Checklist here

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