Get all the tricks of the interior stylist's trade with this course

Learn how to look at your space and determine what’s wrong or missing—and how to rectify it. Ask the right questions when you’re “auditing” your space. Know HOW (not where) to find inspiration, without going down the Pinterest or Instagram rabbit hole. Discover a strategically simplified way of decluttering and organizing—minus the overwhelm. Then you'll learn how to shop for items you can use to style and decorate—without buying anything new (yep, it's possible to do this on a zero budget!). Gain a new appreciation (or if you're finding this out for the first time, new knowledge) on homestyling principles you’ll apply over and over again. When styling the spaces in your home, you'll learn to think in and create vignettes (and what even are vignettes?). And finally apply in a practical way all the things you’ve learned in different areas of your home.

Course curriculum

    1. How to use the Thinkific course platform

    2. Your RYH course outline

    3. Why Should You Fix Up Your Home?

    4. What is homestyling, and how can you benefit from it?

    5. Download your Introduction transcript

    1. What does auditing your space mean?

    2. Download your Room Audit Worksheet here

    3. What to ask when auditing your space

    4. Download your Module 1 transcript

    1. Celebrating small wins

    2. Your Step-by-Step Guide to Decluttering

    3. Tidy Your Space, Transform Your Life with Konmari-certified consultant, Christine Dychiao

    4. Download your Module 2 transcript

    1. Plan what you will need for your space

    2. How to strategically search for home inspiration

    3. How to search for #homeinspo on Pinterest in under five minutes

    4. Download your Module 3 transcripts

    1. How to shop your home

    2. Download your "Shop Your Home" checklist

    3. Combine your ideas with your items on hand

    4. Adding form to a functional space

    5. Download your Module 4 transcript

    1. What makes a room successful?

    2. All about vignettes

    3. Design elements that make up vignettes

    4. Download your Module 5 Transcript

About this course

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  • 41 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content